Welcome to #globalpirates

These are the available entries into the global pirates network. By joining through ANY of those networks, you are in. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t understand any of that but still want to join, just click this: https://t.me/globalpirates. We also host a Mastodon instance at social.globalpirates.net if this is more your cup of choice.

Want to organise yourself?

You are free to communicate and organise via our own pirate matrix server that can be found at https://pirateriot.net.
It’s free, open-source, you don’t need to send any relevant information to join and we will neither track nor store any data, except the email address and / or the phone number you provided at registration, which is necessary (sorry).

The server software is also free and open-source and can be found on Github. The servers work in federation with each other, so one big network with many servers around the world can be built. It features instant-messaging, VoIP and even video conferencing via p2p with optional e2e encryption. We encourage every pirate, every pirate party and every pirate friendly organisation to establish their own servers and join federation.

Also we offer a free Mattermost instance for pirate use. You can join the server and create your own team. We also offer support, in case you need a helping hand. Give it a try!

Want to use a different software?

Here is a comparison of most of the messengers out there:

In case you have a question, have another entry we missed or need help to setup your own server, you can try sending us an email. Depending on our schedule, we will get back to you.

And now go about and change the world. Arrr!


Something is wrong, doesn’t work or you want to add to the project? Send us an email: